I will no longer be posting articles on this blog. after some extensive (albeit, not exhaustive) research, I have found a new home at


I’ll keep it brief; succint.

  • I am not happy with the way wp.com operates and,
    • while not the sole reason for my decision, this was the kick I needed to move on
  • It’s a pity since I had been a wp dot com subscriber since, what, 2004 maybe – I never used it fully, but did intend to. I found the then Blogger Blogspot which was undergoing a  sell-out, into Google’s arsenal. I used Blogger, as I found it nippier.
  • For what it’s worth I despise Google’s new (and increasingly stifling with each revision) privacy policies, not to mention some of its methods of deriving gigantic profits from newfound revenue streams (ubiquity will be their downfall, IMHO)
  • For what it’s worth, I am a massive fan of WordPress DOT ORG. There is a vast difference in policy and so on between the two, many people don’t realise this.
  • Finally, although I could elaborate more,
    • I think this about sums it up: I’m not gone as in disappeared. I’ll be lurking in the shadows. I will intervene when I deem it necessary. I am not the Batman.
    • Also, one does not simply delete a wp .com account.  Image
  • I will however be posting on  a Scriptogram-powered blog,  @ ddoʞs/ɯɐ˙ɹƃoʇdıɹɔs